Workplace instruction cards

Stoffenmanager® allows you to generate workplace instruction cards (WICs) for all your products. You choose your own layout and make the WICs company-specific.

There are two main formats:

  • The hazard-driven WIC, which contains information from the safety data sheet (SDS).
  • The risk-driven WIC, which combines product data from the SDS with the specific risk assessment information.

Your own WICs ensure that your colleagues are well informed and know what they have to do in the event of a calamity. 

With our module Stoffenmanager® SHARE time-consuming ways of keeping your staff updated are a thing of the past. WICs no longer need to be shared via Intranet or printed out and put up at the workplace. Stoffenmanager® SHARE is a smarter and faster way of making WICs and SDSs available to those who need the information within the company. The module can be conveniently used on a PC, tablet or smartphone, and reduces printing.

We organise free webinars for those who want to know more about the possibilities Stoffenmanager® SHARE has to offer. If you want to have a trial please contact us at of +31 20 792 0013.