Why Stoffenmanager®

Hazardous substances management - Stay ahead of the game

How can you make sure it’s safe and healthy for your employees to work with hazardous substances?

As an employer it’s essential to take all necessary measures to protect employees from health hazards when working with hazardous substances. Not only do you need to comply with regulations, but also with broader ethical principles and sustainability requirements. The way to do that is by identifying, assessing and managing the chemicals your company uses and developing a sustainable, socially responsible policy on working with hazardous substances.

With Stoffenmanager® everything is at your fingertips

Working with hazardous substances in a safe and healthy way is a complex task. Legislation changes constantly, as do workplace environments and the composition of products. The right documentation needs to be produced and updated. It’s more important than ever to maintain a strong reputation by upholding ethical values and sustainability standards, since customers and supply chain leaders are scrutinise the safety of chemicals in ways they did not before. With Stoffenmanager® everything you need for chemical risk management is at your fingertips.

Stoffenmanager® is:

  • an online system for identifying chemical hazards, controlling exposure to hazardous substances at the workplace and communicating in an understandable, transparent way with managers, employees and external stakeholders.
  • internationally recognised and is included in the REACH Guidance documents (Chapter R.14) as a recommended tool for compliance with EU legislation.
  • constantly developing new functions, new languages and improved exposure models. We launch a new version twice a year. Our independent International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) ensures that Stoffenmanager® not only complies with legislation, but also reflects the very latest scientific developments. In addition, it takes care that the exposure algorithms remain validated.
  • available in multiple languages
  • available in four different licences: Basic (free), Product+, Risk+ and Premium.



Stoffenmanager® currently has approximately 39,000 users in the Netherlands and beyond, with a third of all users outside the Netherlands. Each week another 50 or so new users are added.


Where can Stoffenmanager® be found?

Stoffenmanager® can be found at www.stoffenmanager.nl.