Stoffenmanager® licences

There are four different Stoffenmanager® licences: Basic (free), Product+, Risk+ and Premium. 

To start using the platform, simply create a free Stoffenmanager® account at See our available languages on the website. Stoffenmanager® Basic is free of charge for new users and users with a limited number of products. It lets you enter up to 35 products and perform 35 risk assessments.

Stoffenmanager® Product+ lends itself to the needs of users with over 35 products. It allows you to enter up to 100 products and perform 35 risk assessments. If you need more than 35 risk assessments, we recommend Stoffenmanager® Risk+, which lets you enter up to 100 products and perform 100 risk assessments.

For users with more extensive requirements, Stoffenmanager® Premium is the optimal choice. As our top-of-the line product, it boasts enhanced functionality for hazardous substances management. 

All our paid licences come with a Management Dashboard that displays key figures and risks as graphics. Those key figures prove to be powerful drivers in companies' management reviews, making the management board of a company more aware of occupational health risks by turning technical language into business language that makes a strong impact.

You can chose to upgrade your (paid) licence by purchasing additional functionalities, modules etc.

Stoffenmanager® is constantly being developed in collaboration with our clients who provide important input that serves as the basis for modifications and the development of new components. Our newsletter and website keeps you informed of the latest developments and monthly updates.

We regularly organise free (start) webinars for new users to help you get quickly underway with Stoffenmanager®. We also organise intrinsic (online) training courses so you can get to know all the ins and outs of Stoffenmanager® or to discover for yourself what the valuelimits are, to assess skin exposure, etc. See our training programme for a current list.

If you want to find out what functionalities are available in one of the licences of Stoffenmanager®, check out the website, click here for our leaflet or follow a webinar free of charge and get a virtual tour through Stoffenmanager®. Our webinars can also be found under training programmes.

For more information about Stoffenmanager®, see or contact us, T +31 (0)20 792 00 13.


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