Our mission

Substance and chemical management is excessively complex and dynamic for many companies. With all the many different hazardous substances and constant changes in law and legislation, workplace situations and product composition, companies lose sight of and thus a grip on their situation. The upshot of this is that many companies are not active enough in their substance management and therefore not compliant.

Most companies want to come to terms with this because they understand the importance of their employees being able to work safely and in good health. But that requires sufficient knowledge and expertise. It is often (too) expensive to call on the services of external advisors and this option does not offer a long-term, structural solution.

The basis of efficient, effective and sustainable substance management is formed by one’s own initiative and responsibility. This means that substance management must be easier and more accessible so that companies not only become responsible but can actually be responsible.

Cosanta wants to act as a bridge from abstract law and legislation to compliance in practice so that companies that want to be compliant can be.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"

We believe in the art of simplicity and not that you should make matters any more complex than they already are. In our case this means that we want to make sure that our clients are able to see the wood despite the trees and can therefore concentrate purely on the business that matters to them, without losing sight of the reality.