At the heart of Cosanta’s services is the implementation of Stoffenmanager® according to the Stoffenmanager® ‘implementation ladder’. Every company is already somewhere on the ladder and has a specific level of knowledge. To enable companies to move up the ladder, we offer knowledge and support along every step of the way – through consultancy, coaching, secondment, training, workshops, (network) meetings and intervision.

Where you, as a company, find yourself on the ladder is determined by an intake. The implementation plan provides an indication of the steps needed to proceed up the ladder. The first steps on the ladder are instrumental and focus mainly on the questions: how do you work with Stoffenmanager® and what knowledge do you require for this? The next steps are not only instrumental by nature but are also geared to a broadly supported substance management in the company and even a corporate culture shift.

In addition to Stoffenmanager®, we can provide broad support in exposure assessment  and risk control, including setting up and performing measurements , employing biological monitoring, advising on REACH and nanotechnology. We can also take care of implementing control measures and performing a quick-scan for you. 

For more information on any of these aspects, contact us. Drop by, mail us or call us T +31 (0) 20 792 0013 for advice or a quotation, free of obligation.